• Student Responsibilities

    Presence on time for all quotas, queues and scheduled dates.
    Coming to school is comfortable, active and ready to contribute and actively engage in all classes and activities
    Complete and submit all homework at specified times
    Adhering to and complying with all the instructions and regulations adopted by Al-Aqiq schools regarding behavior inside and outside the classes
    As part of the learning process, you must listen and respond positively to constructive feedback and use it to collect learning
    Permanent pursuit of academic excellence.
    Show respect, care and attention to all members of the agate school community.
    Student rights

    A quality-based curriculum that meets the individual and developmental needs of each student if combined with good teaching.
    All students have the right to receive education that promotes and enhances the qualities of honesty, integrity, compassion, sincerity and hard work, which are essential qualities of Saudi culture and its Islamic identity.
    The student has the right to a safe and non-abusive environment and promotes learning and beneficial relationships with all members of the Agate school community.
    Students have the right to individual and constructive feedback, guided by the strengths, weaknesses and successes of each student in developing strategies for improvement and development.
    The student has the right to have intervention programs when appropriate, and students should support those programs because they are in their best interests.
    Attendance Policy:

    You should attend school every day unless you are ill, have a family death, or have a date in court or hospital.
    If you want to leave school early, your father or guardian must inform the school in advance, before 8:00 am on the same day
    (Except for deaths, where your guardian can request permission to leave at any time). It is not possible to leave the school until permission has been obtained from the agent.
    In the other cases, you will not be allowed to leave school until 13:30. No requests will be accepted after 8:00 am that day.
    When you come to school after the day you have been absent, you must bring a letter from your guardian indicating the reason for your absence with a medical excuse (doctor’s note/appointment card) and delivery to the class leader.

    You must complete the tasks and duties that you missed during your absence.
    Delay Policy:

    It is your responsibility as a student to attend your classes on time.
    The delayed student will be detained for up to 30 minutes at the end of the next school day.
    If you are more than 3 times late in one semester, your school and future guardian will be discussed in these schools.
    Absence Policy:

    If the student is not able to attend the school, his / her guardian is required to contact the school before 7:30 am every day. Absence or permission prior to absence. A disciplinary action will be signed if the school is not notified.




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