1. Attendance of the student’s father with the student to meet with the school admissions committee .
    2. Inform the committee of the latest certificate for the student .
    3. In case there are negative reports about the student’s behavior or attendance , the school has the right to reject the student . 
    4. A Student who had quit studying for a whole year or who failed the previous year will not be accepted  .
    5. In the event that the student is accepted and there are observations of his negative behavior or a marked irregularity, the school may decide to dismiss the student without any objection from his guardian.
    6. A Student ‘s age must not exceed 16 years of age for middle school beginning  and 19 years of age for high school beginning . 
    7. The student shall not be accepted , except after completion of his file and the  receipt of the file by the Committee .The thorough acceptance of the regulations of admission and the financial of paying the fees is also a must commitment . 




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