Induction Guide2

  • Student Counseling
    The role of the school is not only to provide students with science, but also to increase social education, to consolidate values ​​and principles and to improve their behavior towards others
    Therefore, it was necessary to have organized rules for these behaviors, which leads to success in the achievement of educational goals.
    These systems begin with advice, guidance and guidance, then to behavior modification systems through multiple stages of interactions between officials in the school, the student and ultimately the application of the rules of reward and punishment
    Academic Advising
    Student counseling is primarily aimed at providing guidance on the selection of disciplines, advising students on their learning difficulties, and providing educational guidance to students at all levels of basic education. The aim of the extension is to help students develop their own study plans, and continuity is ensured through cooperation Among all the teachers involved in the guidance during the educational path of each student. Special guidance is provided in the transition studies, where the principles of guidance and division of labor among the different participants in the local curriculum should be defined, In order to guide students in studies on different topics, to help them develop their learning skills and learning abilities, and to prevent the emergence of problems related to studies, guidance should help all students reach the best possible results for them




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