Academic Development Programs

  • The development and modernization of Al Aqeeq schools has the ambition and the promise of any educational process, and the schools will continue to do their utmost to keep pace with the accelerating educational revolution.

    So it is incumbent on us to the new teacher to find care and care, which is easily involved in the educational family, and quickly interferes with the school systems, providing him with manuals, workshops, school facilities, regulations, laws, teaching methods, , Class management, growth characteristics of the stages to be studied, textbooks, teacher’s guide, computer, with a special user name, password, and so on.

    Teachers are also trained to integrate thinking skills into learning, teaching, teaching strategies, student-centered learning, pedagogical theories, and school-based methodology.

    Professional development tends to be two-fold: first, to bring in the elements of Arab and foreign expertise from well-trained trainers who are well-known in the field of learning; they hold intensive courses and prepare educational programs for the staff of the House.

    The second is to send a group of school staff out of the Kingdom to conferences, events, forums, forums and international workshops that are concerned with the educational issue, and then return these delegates to convey their experiences and new ideas to their colleagues.

    Teachers also participate in educational, educational and e-learning courses throughout the year, from department heads, academic supervisors, or even teachers with extensive experience in educational or pedagogic specialization.

    Teachers’ performance is assessed self-assessed, as well as by department heads and stage administrations, and each teacher is provided with feedback reports that enable him to continually revise his work.

    The list of training for the academic year is based on data and reports issued by the e-teacher performance evaluation program to develop their performance based on actual data.




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