admission-requirements 2

    1. Attendance of the student’s father with the student to meet with the school admissions committee.

      Inform the committee of the latest certificate for the student to be prepared very well and more.

      In the case of observations on the student’s behavior or regularity in the study, the school is entitled to not accept the student.

      Not accepting a student who is not studying or a student.

      In the event that the student is accepted and there are observations of his behavior or a marked irregularity, the school may decide to dismiss the student without any objection from the guardian.

      Students must not exceed 16 years of age and must be 19 years of age.

      The student shall not accept, except after completion of his file and receipt of the file by the Committee, full compliance with the conditions of admission and registration in the method of payment of fees on the dates specified.




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