• Fees of  national schools  Boys

    Primary 11,500 SR
    The average is 11500 SR
    Secondary 17000 SR

    School fees for girls

    Kindergarten and preparatory 11,500 SR
    Primary 15500 SR
    The average is 16500 SR
    Secondary 19500 SR

    Fees for international schools

    Kindergarten and primary 17750 SR
    Primary 21550 SR
    The average is 23050 SR

    International charges include everything except bus and taxes for residents

    Fees of schools Agate Pakistani section

    Kindergarten for Pakistanis 4500 SR per year tuition fees only
    Non-Pakistanis 8000 SR
    Primary Pakistanis 5000 SR
    Primary non-Pakistani 9000 SR tuition fees only
    From 8: 7 Pakistanis 5500 SR
    The average non-Pakistani 10,000 SR
    From 9:10 Pakistanis 6000 SR
    From 11:12 Pakistanis 6500 SR
    Secondary non-Pakistanis 11000 SR




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