Popular Market

10 April، 2019

In order to provide its students with different life skills and prepare them for working life, Al-Aqeeq National High School set up a public market on Wednesday 6/6/1440, a popular market (bazaar) in which students deal in commercial terms of buying and selling and acquire practical skills to help them in their future. For students to participate effectively and win-win,

Al-Aqeeq National School and International School attended the market and bought their food

About twenty-five students were involved in renting shops

 The market was equipped in a simplified way and divided into a group of shops and designed by Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Wanes teacher art and teaching aids

The popular market was opened at the beginning of the school day and completed its activities until the end of the day

The participating students were keen to be available from the evening of the previous day to prepare and arrange their items

Food sales ranged from nightly, chicken pieces, liver, juices and hot drinks to French tea, coffee and cake

Many students adhered to the market clothes of wearing gloves, headscarves and plastic trousers

The school administration has been working to provide the market needs of tables and electrical sockets and others

At the end of the market, some students cleaned their places and dumped garbage into rubbish bins

Osaid Al-Amoudi wins first place in the Kingdom in the competition (Promo Deira)Celebrating the graduation of third grade secondary students




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