مدارس العقيق الأهلية والدولية
  • Al-Aqeeq National Schools was established in 1419H (1999) in Medina. We began with the idea of carrying out the minds of the Savior, an inspiring idea that appeared in a divine session, whose light still radiates and engulfs the rest of us in the message of education. We took care of ourselves and our work and strive for it. We took from the educational policy of the Kingdom based on the principles of Sharia. So as to achieve the aspirations of parents and satisfy their aspirations for the good education and learning of their children became the agate science combines the name and drawing and meaning and the building educational history, which clings to the memory of the glorious and tender, which dazzled the world and expel the civilization

    A busy March for the manufacture of civilization with splendor and contemporary excellence, and now it is an educational edifice for the purpose of life-raising education.
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