American Diploma

  • This educational system – which combines the national orientation of the state with the global trends – will not only prepare the student for admission to prestigious universities inside and outside the Kingdom but also ensure the good conduct of the students in these universities by introducing good learning habits and providing them with knowledge. , Necessary skills needed for life and the labor market.
    The system observes the student’s cumulative math from grade 9 until graduation so as to raise the student to a culture of continuous learning, perseverance rather than a culture of reliance on the last month’s test, and the seasonal study.
    It also takes into consideration the requirements of local universities in terms of capacity tests, achievement tests, as well as TOEFL and SAT tests. Therefore, the student does not graduate unless he achieves the required credit hours, in addition to the capacity tests and SAT.
    One of the principles of this system is that it is based on the message of “Dar Al-Fikr Schools” in building the student’s thinking according to the vocabulary of the Arabic language and its structures: the language of the Holy Quran, its foundation on the enlightened Islamic culture and then the curriculum of science, mathematics, and English.
    Therefore, the system took into account the requirements of the national curriculum in Arabic, Islamic education, social and secondary education in addition to providing a number of necessary enrichment materials to enable our students to compete honestly with their peers in international schools.
    The number of credit hours provided by the system (30) hours is not considered a successful student unless all the materials passed, achieving a degree of more than 60 of 100 in each article.
    For students who “stop” ie, do not achieve success, the school provides them with several types of assistance. The summer program is the most important assistance to enable students to graduate with their colleagues. If he stops again, the student will be late for at least one semester.
    The summer course offered by the schools provides an opportunity for 11th graders who achieve more than 80% of the basic subjects and want to graduate at the end of the first semester in the twelfth grade to join foreign universities.
    Twelfth-grade students are directed to specialized courses that suit their orientation and the wishes of their parents in light of their academic performance through academic guidance in schools. Talented students are committed to these specialized courses in science and mathematics, which prepare them for final talent tests.




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