Library and Learning Resource Center

  • The learning resource centers in Al-Aqeeq schools aim to provide a learning environment with multiple sources that allow the learner to benefit from different types of learning resources, create self-learning opportunities, enhance his research and exploration skills, and enable the teacher to follow modern methods to design, develop, implement and evaluate lesson material.

    * Provide the necessary possibilities for scientific research.

    * Support the curriculum through learning resources.

    * Contributes to the confrontation of the cognitive explosion.

    * Develop the skill of research, exploration, thinking and problem-solving of the learner.

    * Provide the learner with the skills and tools that make him able to adapt and benefit from these developments.

    * Help the teacher in the diversity of teaching methods.

    * Help teachers exchange experience and cooperate in article development.

    * Provide various educational tests not available in the normal places of study.

    * Provide the opportunity for self-learning.

    * Meet the needs of individual differences.

    * To provide students with new interests and to discover the true tendencies and effective abilities of students.

    * Develop students’ abilities to access information from different sources.

    There are two learning resource centers in the schools:

    First: Learning Resource Center for the primary stage:

    Contains a variety of cultural and entertainment books in both Arabic and English collections of documentaries. It also contains nearly 8,000 books in English and 4000 books in Arabic

    1. Subjectively written and arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification
    2. Illustrated comic books and alphabetical books in the name of the last author
    3. Novel books, novels and alphabetical order in the name of the last author.
    Second: Center for Learning Resources for the intermediate and secondary stages:

    The Learning Resource Center also includes fourteen (14) computers, ten of which 10 were allocated for the purpose of scientific research on the Internet – the Internet – for the preparation of educational projects and research, while two were allocated for the study room group, and two others were allocated for the purposes Search the contents and holdings of the Center and its services in order to retrieve information quickly and easily.

    Services provided by LRC:

    1. Service guidance, direction and supervision.
    2. Loan service in both internal and external.
    3. The ongoing briefing for all LRC updates from sources and information.
    4. The selective transmission of information according to his / her interest and need for information sources.
    Technical and administrative services for the Learning Resource Center (indexing, classification, reporting, statistics). Contribute to the identification of the needs of users of the Center.




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